"Healthier Living Through Handcraft"

1. Health

Handicrafts make us healthy and help us to slow down in our fast-moving times. This has now been proven by several scientific studies. Dr. Edda Jaleel speaks of a meditative effect of manual work, which has a relaxing effect on the body and can thus reduce existing stress. Knitting can be as relaxing as yoga or meditation, for example. A study by the Harvard Medical Institute also proves that knitting leads to a perfect state of relaxation. This can be explained by the fact that similar movements are repeated continuously and allow us to dive into a relaxation zone. By regularly repeating the same activity, our mind comes to rest and can switch off. At the same time, blood pressure and pulse rate decrease. In the USA, knitting is already used as a preventive treatment method. Many doctors prescribe manual labour alternatives before treatment with medication.

Dr. Edda Jaleel emphasizes that handicrafts also train the brain. Since both hemispheres of the brain are stressed, manual coordination and creativity are promoted. Furthermore, it could be shown that the ability to concentrate improves significantly. On the one hand, this can counteract age-related memory loss and, on the other hand, prevent diseases such as dementia.