"Healthier Living Through Handcraft"

7. Community

Handcraft connects you. Whether on the train, in the waiting room, relaxing in the park, during the break from office or in a knitting course - with handcrafts we immediately have a topic of conversation and get to know new and interesting people. Dr. Jaleel's research shows that handcrafts can further enhance happiness in a community. Especially for women, manual working together with friends and like-minded people is particularly relaxing. This has long been known in Denmark, where the term "hygge" comes from, which means coziness and satisfaction. We make ourselves "hyggely" means, for example, to make ourselves comfortable together during a knitting evening in order to escape the hectic world and find peace. The ice is quickly broken and common themes and interests can be found. The exchange animates to learn new techniques, expands one's own horizon and quickly you are in the process of designing your next project. The exchange with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere inspires each other, gives support, creates the feeling of being understood ... All this gives us security and self-affirmation. The wonderful thing about handcrafts is that they are suitable for everyone, young or old. The dusty image of handcrafts is long gone, because handcrafts are hip and very trendy. Men are also increasingly turning to crocheting or knitting needles. One of the most famous projects "hombres tejedores" (knitting men) show that knitting is not only a passion, but also a way to promote a society that is more tolerant and less macho.