Inexpensive - Simple

"Healthier Living Through Handcraft"

8. Inexpensive - Simple - Everywhere

For handcrafts we don't need much, wool and a knitting needle (about 5 Euro in a specialist shop), plus free instructions from the Internet and off we go. There is no monthly fee, no expensive equipment, we don't even have to go anywhere, we can be creative anytime and anywhere. Caps or scarves are particularly suitable for beginners. After a little practice you will soon be able to tackle larger projects such as your first sweater. With wool worth approx. 25 euros you can knit a great unique piece that is not available in stores. Knitting or crocheting is very easy to learn and is even suitable for kindergarten children.

Because manual work is almost independent of physical fitness it can be carried out anywhere, at any time and regardless of the weather. At night time on the sofa, while waiting at the doctor's or as a co-driver in the car…